Course Information

The Michigan 13.Wine Half Marathon is a challenging USATF certified course.

The course starts in the Baroda Industrial Park on Hills Road and heads south on Hills Road to Singer Lake Road.

Runners turn left on Singer Lake Road and head north where they  pass  vineyards and the first aid station at the 2 mile mark and continue  north to Lemon Creek Road.

Runners take a right on Lemon Creek Road and travel between fragrant grape vineyards and 2 wineries (Lemon Creek Winery and Domaine Berrien Cellars) to the second aid station and porta-johns at approximately 3 miles.

Continue east on Lemon Creek Road to Burgoyne Road and take a right.

Travelling south on Burgoyne Road takes runners past grape vineyards  and apple orchards and to the third aid station in front of Free Run Cellars at approximately 5.5 miles.

Runners continue south on Burgoyne to the intersection of Burgoyne  and Snow Road where they take a right at approximately the half way  point on the course. Continuing west on the rolling hills of Snow Road,  runners make there way to Lauer Road and take a right to head north.

Just past the "big hill" at 8 miles on Lauer Road, runners find the fourth aid station at Gravity Winery at the 8.5 mile mark.

Runners continue north on Lauer to Lemon Creek, which is the 10 mile mark, and take a left .

Runners are greeted by the crew at aid station number 5 and is also equipped with porta-potties.

Continuing west on Lemon Creek Road and passing Lemon Creek Winery and Domaine Berrien Cellars, runners turn left on Singer Lake Road and head south past aid station number 6 on a long down hill to Hills Road.

Runners will take a right on Hills Road and complete the final mile to the finish.

The Michigan 13.Wine 5K course is an out and back of the first 1.5 miles of the half marathon course to the Singer Lake parking lot, where you will see a turnaround.

Additional Information

 The course will remain open for 4 hours after the last participant  crosses the starting line allowing for a pace of 18 min per mile to  finish. No strollers, dogs, roller-bladers or bikes are allowed in the  race. For safety reasons, the use of headphones or other electronic  devices during the race is strongly discouraged. Vehicle traffic will be  monitored by local law enforcement at all intersections. Be aware that  local vehicle traffic may be sharing the course.